HelperThe ocean dares you to leave the harbor’s safety. Only the dedicated look out at the huge expanse and set sail. All business leaders stand at their ocean’s edge as some point. The difference between conquerors and everyone else is the determination to keep going.

Never stop building: When you build your house, you die. So says the ancient Chinese proverb which is really good advice for modern business executives. Tap into your dreams, take inventory of available resources and continually build your business with what you have. Standing still is certain death and decay.

Take risks: The boat in a harbor is safe but eventually the bottom will rot. A leader must take his business into the open ocean full of big economic waves, gigantic competitor fish and unexpected financial weather. The shrewd business captain makes a sailing plan aligned with the capabilities of his boat and crew.

Be the seagull: This amazing bird can be miles from shore in a rough sea and effortlessly ride the wave crests and troughs. It does not fight the pattern or intensity of the waves but takes each one as it comes. Still, in the end, it gets to the desired destination with energy to keep going on the journey. Business leaders can learn the secret of the seagull. Sometimes you have to go with the ebb and flow to save energy and resources for another day.

Keep building your boat for an adventure on the high seas of business and be aware when you need to roll with the waves. Keep going!

Michael Shelton is President and CEO of Shelton Business Services, LLC providing executive coaching, management consulting and financial services.

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