Do you feel resentment bubbling when the boss tells you do something right away? This is just one of the ways we default to our natural tendency to stop moving, or procrastinate. You will find some useful coaching tips in this presentation, to see and overcome the most common ways we procrastinate.

Discover solutions for these common reasons we procrastinate:

  • Unable to call something done good enough
  • Can’t see or move on the next step available to us
  • Resisting the call to greater levels of responsibility

Note: Refresh your browser (or press F5) if you can’t see the presentation slides.

Keep yourself and your project moving. Learn not to procrastinate by taking the next small step available to you. Develop great awareness of your natural reaction to being overwhelmed, pushed by people or events, and doing things with perfection. If you need help, find a trusted mentor or coach to facilitate your management skills development to keep going.

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