By Michael Shelton

You may have faced something similar to these scenarios as a project manager or leader:

  • The boss is after you to reach the next project milestone.
  • The shipment of celery must get to the distributor or they’ll look for another producer.
  • You must get the logo colors exactly right before sending it to the printer.

Panic sets in and you start to slow down. Maybe you start to shut down. You submit to your desire to procrastinate. The reasons to procrastinate are as numerous as grains of sand on the coast. Change for a change and use this simple tactic to keep your project moving forward:

Look for, and take, the next step that’s available.

I like Rick Hanson’s analogy in his book, Just One Thing. He learned during his years as a rock climber, that the biggest obstacle to reaching the summit is seeing, and using, the next available foothold or handhold. In management, you can keep going by looking for the next small step that can be taken along the project’s path. Then take that small step to keep moving forward. Moving forward will overcome your natural tendency to procrastinate. You might resent being pushed by the boss, have the urge to get things done perfectly, or simply feel overwhelmed by what lies ahead. Learn not to procrastinate and put your know-how into action by taking the next small step available.

Look for it. Take it. Keep your project moving forward.

Michael Shelton is President and CEO of Shelton Business Services, LLC providing project coaching to help you discover and accomplish your purpose, principles, next steps and finish line.

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