My first impression of the book was the unique title. What is macro-managing and why haven’t I heard that term before? Surely someone would have captured the antithesis of micro-managing and built a program with tools around that subject! Well, Dwaine Canova did just that in this excellent business book. The author has an impressive set of credentials including an MBA from Wharton and reams of quality experience to back this new managing methodology. I was expecting a dry, academic discussion, but was pleasantly surprised to find the material covered in an engaging, story-telling format. Most managers could picture themselves in Bob’s shoes (the central character representing the business client). It was easy to associate Cal’s character (the consultant) with the author.

Dwaine starts with the basics including a primer on the differences between managers and leaders. He then launches into the story, all the while weaving in the key principles about his methodology. Most of the book is dedicated to three primary ingredients of effective management including the leadership statement, organization diagram and managing model. The author ties his proprietary technology tools to the methodology for a complete picture of how the system works. The book provides a full, yet relatively high level look at how the system helps managers, leaders and teams.

I finished the book wondering what else Dwaine has in store for students of his management model. Fortunately, he has a series of books planned that expound on the core principles covered in this book. Overall, the book was an easy read, didn’t get bogged down in overly technical discussions and illustrations, and leaves the reader wanting more. Are you looking for some new tools for your management toolbox? Check out this book for a different look at how leaders, managers and teams can get on the same page, collaborate better, measure and adjust, and understand their role in the bigger picture.

Michael Shelton is President and CEO of Shelton Business Services, LLC providing coaching to help you discover and accomplish your purpose, principles, next steps and finish line.

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