This is my book review for Influence and Leadership, Building Rapport in Teams, A practical Guide by Michael Nir. I took advantage of Michael Nir‘s special offer to get the book for free on my Kindle but that really had no impact on my review.

Michael Nir has written a very good primer on communication skills for leaders and managers. I enjoyed his analogy to backpacking in Denali National Park, which I have personally visited. He has a dry sense of humor with lines like “…the natural urge to pet [bears] is highly inadvisable.

I liked his focus on personal informal power with spot on tips for communication styles to affect greater informal power. He makes a valid point that most organizations go to an extreme level to avoid using the “liking” influencing strategy. The result is a dead organization devoid of acknowledgment and recognition. The end product is a group of cohorts that avoid liking each other and many times don’t.

Michael’s greatest contribution in this book is the inventory of 20 leading characteristics found in global business leaders. I wonder if we should do more screening for these indicators like fairness, vision, humility, trust and the others. All in all, a good, quick read to help leaders and managers with communication skills development.

Michael Shelton is President and CEO of Shelton Business Services, LLC providing coaching to help you discover and accomplish your purpose, principles, next steps and finish line.

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