What an honor to be on Deanna’s show! She is a respected veteran’s coach

I’m so excited to post about this morning’s interview with Deanna Wharwood on BlogTalk Radio. Deanna does amazing work with our military and veterans, helping their development to make the transition to civilian life. It was an incredible honor for me to be invited as a guest on her show. The interview centered around my new book, Cash Flow Rich, and how I used my own system, the same process I use with my coaching clients, to take a goal from conception to the finish line.

Listen to the archived broadcast for some great, free coaching!

You can listen to an archive of the interview on Deanna’s BlogTalk Radio station HERE. But I’m just so thrilled that I got to talk about the things that I’m most passionate about: social collaboration, or getting teams to work better together with technology.

Couldn’t Tune In? Here are the highlights from my interview with the veterans’ coach

  1. Why did you decide to write Cash Flow Rich?

  • Purpose: to complete a bucket list item and become a published author

  • Also, to preserve and share accumulated knowledge about real estate investing.

  • And to build credibility as a business expert

  1. Why was it important to have a purpose for your book project?

  • Guiding beacon if you wander off the path

  • Motivates myself and team members with a consistent reason for doing the project.

  1. How did you manage the work of your publishing team, such as the editor and graphic designer?

  • I started by defining the project’s principles. These are performance and behavior boundaries for myself and my publishing team; certain things that must be done and other things that must not be done while working on the project. Example: the book must convey the look and feel of wealth from successful real estate investing. With these principles in place, I was able to delegate critical pieces of the project to capable team members with confidence.

  1. How long did it take to go from the idea to write a book to becoming a published author?

  • From start to finish about 18 months.

  1. How did you keep track of where you were in the process and what to do next?

  • First I brainstormed the major actions required to publish a book using extensive Internet research and lessons learned from other successful authors.

  • Then I outlined all the next steps in a Word document and identified logical components that could be delegated to members of my publishing team. At anytime I could see and take the next small step to keep the project moving forward.

  1. How did you track your project’s progress and follow up with your publishing team on things you delegated to them?

  • I set up a book publishing project in Evernote, my trusted and reliable system for managing all my personal and professional projects. Evernote, or any trusted and reliable system for project, note and list management, reduces the natural instinct to hold things that need to get done in the conscious and sub-conscious mind. It frees up more brain space for higher value-added creative and strategic thinking.

  • I set up a separate note for each delegated task. I recorded the date I handed the assignment, the name of the person that got the job, and what I was waiting for from them. I used the purpose and principles to clearly explain what I wanted done while giving them free reign to decide how to get it done. Those are the keys to effective delegating. Each delegated task was tagged with “Waiting For” in Evernote so I could quickly track the progress. Evernote also has an amazing note sharing feature which allows team members to edit notes so everyone on the team has the current status of a project or next step.

  1. How did you stay motivated to get to the goal of publishing your first book?

  • The other key component of planning a major project is to envision the finish line. I spent time marinating in how being published would feel, sound, look, touch and taste. I imagined the texture and weight of the first book in my hands. I imagined the joy of seeing my name on Amazon.com, reading glowing 5-star reviews, and the warm sound of congratulations from friends, colleagues and family. A clear finish line is essential to get to where you want to go. You have to imagine victory.

Please listen to the archived radio interview HERE and spread the link with others that might benefit from this interview topic.

Veterans and military, I highly recommend Deanna Wharwood as a coach to aid your transition from military to civilian life.

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