A Trusted Resource For Business Planning!

Matthew Needham, the founder of The Big Red Tomato Company, has delivered a concise yet compelling work on the well-worn topic of business planning. But don’t get the idea that this is another round of academic woo-hoo about the importance of creating a business plan that passes the weight test. No, in his new book, How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off, Matthew takes a different approach to what can be a frustrating experience for business owners.

He Coaches Us How To Be Successful In Business

He starts with an overview of what it takes to be successful in business. I had to pause and think about his three key things for business success. He posits that a life plan, passion and commitment are fundamental to business success. You know what? He’s right on! I love the way he makes a deep dive into understanding who we are as entrepreneurs and what makes us tick. He drills down to get at what moves us. He makes the reader take a close look at why we want to own a business. Do you know how your entrepreneurial spirit serves your long-term goals. Matthew will walk you through the process of discovery! He makes a great point about how to avoid getting trapped in a business that doesn’t fit your strengths and interests. I enjoyed his analogies, stories and quotes. They added a much-needed artistic embellishment to the discussion about business planning. But what am I saying, that it can be esoteric and dry? Why, Yes I am!

A Business Expert Delivers Sound Advice For Entrepreneurs

Matthew’s deep expertise in finance shines through in the book with detailed financial calculations. He also shows his marketing and strategic-planning prowess throughout the book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off. I picked up several high-value-added pieces of information that I can use in my entrepreneurial adventures. I highly recommend this book for budding business owners as well as experienced entrepreneurs. There’s something for all levels of business experience. Connect with the author, Matthew Needham, on Twitter @bigredtomato.

Michael Shelton is President and CEO of Shelton Business Services, LLC helping business owners get more engagement. How does he do that? He’s coaching best practices for delegation and work-flow management.

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