Action Gives Life To Your Plan

Goals (the highest aspiration) and objectives (measurable benchmarks along the way to a goal) are near the top of a well-constructed plan. How do we get to the big objectives along the way to our goal? Actionable strategies and tactics are essential elements to move forward. Here are my brief definitions of each element:

  • Strategy – A broad, non-quantifiable way to support an objective. A strategy is a big-picture description of the way you will reach your objective.

  • Tactic – A tactic is a specific, targeted action that supports a strategy. Tactics are the things we will do to move toward our goal. Tactics often become our projects.

Now that you’ve set your goals and objectives, what are your strategies and tactics to move and keep moving forward. Feeling bold? Share your answers with others in the comments below! Who knows, you might get some valuable feedback!

Michael Shelton is the owner and chief consultant of Shelton Business Services, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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