Next Steps That Drive Tactics

Great to-do lists support tactics that drive strategies to accomplish objectives along the way to our goals. That’s a mouthful. Let’s break it down with the definition of a tactic:

Tactic – A tactic is a specific, targeted action that supports a strategy. Tactics are the things we will do to move toward our goal. Tactics often become our projects.

So, if tactics become our projects then we need to take action to keep those projects moving forward. Those actions are our next steps which become our to-do list.

Next Steps – The next logical action to make a tactic happen. Always be in the process of seeing and taking the next step toward your goal.

Make Your To-Do List – Use the two questions below to record a logical next action toward your goal. Your state is the tools, time and energy required to take the next step. What do you need to get it done? Keep going in a logical order. End with the beginning in mind by recording a new next step for when you begin again.

  1. The next step I can see and take to implement my tactic is:
  2. The state I must be in to take that step is:

Feeling bold? Share your answers with others in the comments below! Who knows, you might get some valuable feedback!

Michael Shelton is the owner and chief consultant of Shelton Business Services, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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