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I’m thankful for the most amazing tool to remember things. As a raving Evernote fan, I’ve migrated my personal and professional notes, documents, images and lists to this trusted and reliable tool. So thank you Evernote, for these 40 ways you promote my personal productivity.

  1. I’m inspired to do better work by the mobile application’s look and feel

  2. Notes and lists are in-sync across my mobile and PC devices

  3. I search text within images of business cards, so goodbye contact database!

  4. I search text within PDF files to find key business terms in contracts

  5. I clip web pages, articles, bookmarks and screen shots right from my web browser

  6. I forward receipts from email to my receipts notebook for entry into my accounting software later

  7. I saved frequently used search strings

  8. I use the powerful search feature with customizable syntax

  9. I store frequently used notes in the shortcuts menu

  10. I know many notes I have. A badge of honor

  11. I use notebook stacks up to two levels deep for cleaner edges in my filing structure

  12. I toggle between note displays for the most efficient viewing and editing

  13. I search and restore notes from trash if I need them again

  14. Personalized tag names makes sense for my unique productivity system

  15. I use multiple levels of tag nesting for cases where more organization is better

  16. I use routing tags to keep track of information flow among me and my teammates

  17. I sketch on images & PDF documents with the Skitch tool to make points clearer

  18. I attach scanned documents and images to notes for easy access later

  19. I share notes and notebooks to collaborate with friends, clients and prospects

  20. My family uses shared shopping lists so we always know what we need

  21. I store articles, e-books and video clips in my reader file for reference

  22. I easily see and resolve conflicting changes in shared notes

  23. I keep a current list of things I’d like to someday

  24. I record my jumbled thoughts on the go with the voice note or camera features

  25. I create an index note with hyper-links to other, related notes in my notebooks

  26. I use keyboard shortcuts to spend less time switching to and from the mouse

  27. I check the activity of people who use my shared notes

  28. I chat about notes from within Evernote without switching to email or social media

  29. I can see my to-do list anytime to know what I could be doing, but I’m not

  30. I track projects and the next step to move each one forward

  31. I create and share agenda items for more productive meetings

  32. My virtual “I Love Me” notebook holds my award documents and images

  33. I have checklists with check-boxes to mark stuff as done

  34. I record text, video and audio notes from webinars, classes and meetings

  35. My directory notebook has the address, phone and hours for stores and restaurants

  36. I store my upcoming travel itineraries to share with others

  37. I store a YouTube video about how to grill steak for when I’m grilling steak

  38. I have a list of favorite beers and wines as a reminder when I’m at the store

  39. I record business mileage on the mobile app when I get to my destination

  40. I can find my copier machine owner’s manual (PDF) by searching for the brand name

Yes, I have an app-crush on Evernote. Thank you Evernote for all the ways you promote my productivity as a business consultant.

Are you one of the 100,000,000+ Evernote users worldwide? How do you use it to drive your personal productivity? Post your tips and tactics in the comments below.

Michael Shelton is a consultant and the owner of Shelton Business Services, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona

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