Overcome By Events (O.B.E.) & Avoiding Productivity Drag

Overcome by events. It’s a term that describes being overwhelmed by the unexpected in people, places and things. Many times these events happen without advance notice. You find yourself unable to do the things you set out to do. Your forward momentum stops. Procrastination begins to settle in. Movement is life. What’s true in survival situations is also true in your life’s work. So, how do we get going again?

  1. Go with the flow of events – Your first impulse may be to push back against the unpleasant situation. Stop! Relax your body and mind. Suffering comes from clinging to the pleasant or resisting the unpleasant. Get real with what’s real on the ground. Let the situation be what it is while you get your resources and action plan together. Preserve your energy and flexibility by going with the flow for now.
  2. Simply notice your reaction to the events – Let your mind settle. Monitor your thoughts until they dissipate. You may be in an agitated “Monkey Mind” state as events unfold. Find a quiet place to simply notice your thoughts as they come and go. Do not grapple with them. You’ll lose.
  3. Choose from options – After you get to a calmer state, move to your trusted and reliable note and list workspace. I use Evernote to store project notes, checklists, documents, images and historical notes. Focus on one big project or issue at a time and look for the next step you can take to move forward. What’s in the plan you created before all this happened? What lessons learned can you draw from similar situations? You recorded them, right? You may need to improvise, adapt and overcome the events but look first to the resources, history, ideas and plans contained in your workspace.

Being overcome by events is unexpected and can be unpleasant. Respond, don’t react, to your circumstances by going with the flow. Get mindful of your physical, emotional and mental responses. Tap into your trusted digital workspace to make sound choices. Soon, you’ll be moving forward again.

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How do you respond to being overcome by events? Leave your comments below.

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