Secure,Tote, Scale & Share Productivity Features

Paper is great but it has limitations. I don’t want to haul my notebooks, notes, images, documents, lists and reference materials to meetings, flights, or my offices. Paper is easily lost, damaged or stolen. Your work product is gone forever unless you’ve made another paper copy of your paper. I use Evernote to store and recall my information easier and more securely. Ask four questions before you choose a digital workspace:

  1. Is it secure? I want a cloud based application that has redundant systems for physical and digital security. I like encryption features to keep my information from prying eyes. Find a service that has leading-edge physical security systems and processes for its data centers. Two-step login is an extra layer of security that’s nice to have.
  2. Is it portable? I want access to my notes, lists, images and documents from any location on any device. A mobile profile is important to me and my business. I need off-line access when I don’t have Internet service.
  3. Is it scalable? I want my digital workspace to expand as my life’s work grows. I need ample data upload and storage at a reasonable price.
  4. Is it sharable? Collaboration drives productivity if you can get buy-in from your teammates. The ideal digital workspace lets you bring, store, sort, recall and deliver information to and from your work group. It also lets you communicate with team members without leaving the application. Message and attachment delivery via Email is old-school. There’s a better way to share information.

A great digital workspace is secure, portable, scalable and sharable. Find an application that has these features to promote your productivity.

What is your favorite digital workspace?

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