Boost Productivity With A High-Value Yes

Food for thought from Kristen Walker over at about how to make your “yes” more valuable by saying “no” more often. We seemed to have cheapened our “yes” by saying “yes” to too many requests from friends, family and business associates. She lays out the four primary reasons we say yes too often:

  1. We fear missing out on something else – Information overload and social sharing creates loss of focus on important goals.
  2. We fear disappointing people – Good friends or merely acquaintances get a yes to avoid confrontation.
  3. We cave to social pressure – A sociological phenomenon where we do in groups what we’d never do alone.
  4. We make a habit of saying “yes” to requests – When our default answer to any request is yes.

So what’s the secret sauce to making a good, qualified yes to requests? I like to tell people I need some bumper time and space to think about what they’re asking. Their lack of planning does not require an emergency response from me. I learned to get some buffer space around requests by activating a canned response that asks for more time before making a commitment. Read the whole post from Kristen Walker here:

How to Take Back Control of Your Time (and Your Life) | Levo League

How do you qualify requests and make a better yes? Leave your comments below.

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