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EDC Amps Business Growth Consultant’s Productivity

Our everyday carry (EDC) post features a busy professional getting their life’s work done. Product and service links are provided for easy access to information about the tools and tactics that drive their productivity.


Big Red Tomato Company owner amps productivity with everyday carry EDC

Matthew Needham, Director, Big Red Tomato Company

The Big Red Tomato Company Ltd provides interim management and business consultancy services. They specialise in the areas of cost reduction, value management, business transformation and growth consulting.

Matthew’s Everyday Carry (EDC)


Items (from top left)

My iPhone 6 is my mobile office which I use for email, calendar, texting, photos and managing various aspects of my business with apps like teamworkpm for project management, remember the milk (RTM) for task management and hootsuite for updating social media. The Porsche Design ball-point pen was a present from my wife, a very neat, beautifully balanced pen with a shaking mechanism to retract the stylus. The Fitbit Charge HR is my third Fitbit and easily my favourite with the addition of the heart rate monitor. But the best feature is the traditional buckle “watch” strap, which makes it the first Fitbit I’ve not lost (yet). It helps me to be productive by reminding me to exercise and keep my daily step count up. The 90 Day Action growth Planner doesn’t fit in my pocket, but I do take it with me every day. It reminds me of the key activities I need to do today to keep track on my goals.

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