Practicing The Presence of Productivity

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Mike Vardy, at Productivityist, wrote a moving post in which he drives home the point that time is a non-renewable resource. It’s Perishable.

You can read the entire post here: The Time We Have | Productivityist

I’m a big fan of mindfulness and its productivity benefits. My strategy is to spend most of my energy in the present moment, not buried with regret from the past or worry about the future. Life is lived now. I’m a work in progress. For me, mindfulness is a lifelong pursuit driven by inspiration.

I follow the practices of Dr. Rick Hanson, whose phenomenal book, Hardwiring Happiness, is on my “favorites” reading list. My top way to practice the presence of productivity is…

Take In The Good

I simply notice three things that are good when I wake up each day. I stay with each one for at least 10 seconds before uncovering the next good thing. I’m hardwiring the good to get to a responsive, not reactive, brain mode. I feel more confident and less fearful when my feet hit the bedroom floor.

Mindfulness drives an elevated sense of time.

As Mike Vardy said about people who choose to live this way, “They want to truly live fully with the time they have even though they have no idea how much they have…and they do.”

What tactics do you use to practice the presence of productivity? Please add your comments below!

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