Simple Processes That Amp Productivity

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Getting more stuff done boils down to three key steps. Collect, process and do the things that enter your digital and physical workspace. Put these processes in place to move toward your most meaningful goals and get your life’s work done!

Collect, Process And Work Your Stuff

  • Collect your stuff! It’s unavoidable. To do’s show up, begging to get done. Requests for your time, talent and energy come from the boss, friends, family and complete strangers. Most people allow this deluge of stuff to flood their digital and physical workspaces with no process or procedures to get it all in order. Want to avoid a sense of overwhelm? Start by making standardized, clearly labeled, uniform collection points for your incoming physical and digital items.
  • Process your stuff! Good, you got your incoming items herded to collection points. Now what? It’s time to start processing the items in a logical order to get all of these open items into your high-performance task management system. Process each item and ask yourself, “what is it?”, “what does it mean to me?”, and “what, if anything, do I want to do with it?” Then, make a note in your physical or digital task management system so you can work what needs to get done now and store what needs to get done later.
  • Work your stuff! If you did the collect and process phases of this productivity system, you have a complete, organized inventory of all the things you could be doing but can’t or won’t because you lack the time, energy and tools to get it done. Except for the one thing you’ve decided to do right now, because it’s what you can do, with what you have, where you are. You made that choice by looking at your evergreen to-do list created after the collect and process phases were completed.

Beat Busyness And Power Productivity

Collect, process and work your stuff to see and take the next step toward the most important goals in your professional and personal life.

How do you handle the items that flood your office, inboxes and calendars every day? Please add your comments below!

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