Sweeps And Amped Productivity

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What’s floating around in your physical, digital and mental landscape? Are you overwhelmed with overflowing inboxes, piles of orphaned papers, low-value calendar invitations, office raiders (well-meaning people who barge into your workspace unannounced!) and random thoughts about things that need to get done? The best way to “get to neutral”, amp productivity and get some initial breathing space, is with a complete workspace sweep to collect all misplaced data, objects and thoughts. Here’s how to get it done:

Sweeping Physical, Digital and Mental Spaces

  • Split your spaces. Focus and sweep one area at a time. Do physical, mental and digital in any order you like. But finish one area before moving onto the next space.
  • Push stuff to collection points. Get everything into “in” for the processing stage.
  • Make placeholders. I record a note on a 8×11.5 legal pad for any item that’s too big for my collection point.
  • Sweep your mind. I use my Trip Wire checklist to trigger and record hidden thoughts that might randomly pop-up later and blow-up my productivity.
  • Sweep your digital work spaces. Email, voice mail and calendar are common dumps for disorganized open loops, to-do’s and commitments. Get them to “In” for processing.
  • Run the race. Decide to sweep your workspaces. Commit to getting it done in one, dedicated block of time. Succeed and marinate in your cleanly swept spaces . But just for a few minutes until you move to the processing stage.

Collection Phase Feeds Processing And Productivity

You’ll love the feeling of accomplishment after a clean sweep of physical, digital and mental work spaces. Now, get ready to process what you’ve collected.

How do you sweep your workspaces to amp productivity? Please add your comments below!

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