Amp Productivity In The Digital Sea

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We’re swimming in digital content. Students, business professionals, educators, researchers and hobbyists have virtually unlimited access to information. Here’s how I push digital stuff to a trusted and reliable system outside of my brain’s limited storage capacity.

Social, Email And Clipping Tools

  • Get social. Digital content can be pushed to your digital workspace with the social sharing buttons found on most iOS and Android devices.  Be selective with what you store in your digital workspace. Be sure the value of storing the information is more than cost of clutter from too much information. Would you be better off with a simple link to the information that’s stored on the source website?
  • Move email. Stop using email as a storage facility. Push important information from your email client to your central digital workspace. Then, archive or delete the original email to reduce clutter.
  • Clip it. Most Internet browsers have some sort of clipping functionality to push web page content to your centralized digital workspace. Evernote Web Clipper, Pocket, Google Drive and other applications have clipping tools to move web content to your information storage system. If all else fails, copy the website URL and paste the link into a simple text note in your trusted and reliable digital workspace.

Time Management And Digital Productivity

You can collect digital information with social sharing, email forwarding and browser content clipping. Take as much free knowledge as you need but as little as possible to reduce note clutter.

How do you collect digital information to drive productivity? Please add your comments below!

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