Observing Productivity Space Invaders

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What is a thought, idea, request, demand or item? Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stuff will invade your personal space every day. Here’s how to process the intruder and decide what, if  anything, to do about it.

See, Feel And Choose

  • What is it? The first step is to identify what you’re facing. It’s helpful to answer the who, what, when and where questions to get more clarity. We’re not engaging with the thing at this point, we’re simply observing without judgment.
  • How strong is it? Feel the pull on your financial, emotional, physical and spiritual resources. Simply notice the thought, idea or item to gage its strength. Still, do not grapple with the thing.
  • Decide. Be at choice. Ask yourself, what, if anything, do I want to do about it? Stuff that you choose to do now or maybe later, gets processed into your trusted and reliable note management system. Lists, files and calendars hold these items. The rest gets trashed. You’ll make high-value yesses and be feed from low-value commitments that are likely to be broken with yourself or others.

Amp Productivity Via High-Value Yesses

All different kinds of things are going to land in your physical, mental and digital space all day, every day. With few exceptions, nobody has a thought-free mind all of the time. Random sights, sounds and smells can trigger neural wires to fire, releasing a cascade of thoughts [Dr. Rick Hanson, Hardwiring Happiness]. People intrude on your personal and professional space, demanding your attention and precious resources. Stuff happens. See it, feel it and choose what to do with it.

How do you evaluate items that land in your spaces? Please add your comments below!

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