Collect, Process And Store Email

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Email is the most used communication tool in today’s workplace. Chances are, you’re overwhelmed by the daily tide of new messages and the volume of old email that clutters your inbox. I’m going to show you how to use search, delete and a Spartan file folder structure to regain control of your unwieldy email collection and processing system.

Spartan Time Management Skills

  • Search is king. It’s been well documented that using the search feature in almost any application is faster than scrolling, filing, folders and tagging.
  • File like a Spartan. The ancient culture in Sparta cut out the fluff. That’s how they were able to defeat much larger armies with limited numbers of soldiers and equipment. Win your email organization war with the minimum number of files and folders to store email.
  • Purge it. Archive email that’s truly important. Delete the rest after processing into your trusted and reliable note and list management system. You have to weigh the cost of email storage against the true retention value of the information. The cost is more than just server space. It’s also the lost productivity and amped stress from too much email clutter.
  • Be mindful of the message temptress. Check your email once or twice a day. Develop heightened awareness for your attraction to messages. Simply notice the allure of peeking at your inbox. Choose a different option to break the email habit, yet get a similarly powerful payoff. Too much time with your email will kill your productivity.
  • Silence is golden. Turn off email notifications on your desktop and mobile devices to avoid chasing the next shiny message.

Best Email Productivity Tactics

Use search, practice file folder economy, delete stale email, pay attention to your email urges and mute notifications to boost your productivity. Are you ready to aid your time management skills? Start today!

How do you collect, process and use the daily tide of email? Please add your comments below!

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