Blow Up Your Calendar Productivity

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Calendars are used, and misused, for many purposes. I’ve adapted David Allen’s calendar management techniques to amp my time management skills and productivity. In this post I’ll share, and you’ll learn, the top tactics I use to keep a clean, uncluttered, trusted and reliable calendar.

Cut, Calendar, Trip And Choose

  • Reduce the clutter! Your calendar should hold three essential elements, time/date sensitive events, trip wires and decision prompts. Move everything else to your note and list management system. Yes, that includes tasks and to-do lists. A calendar is not the best tool for general information storage and retrieval.
  • Save the date! Your calendar is the best place for events on a specific date and/or time. Doctor, oil change, kid’s recital, team meeting and other appointments should go in the appropriate day/time slot. Use the all-day appointment option for things that must get done a certain day but not a specific time.
  • Trip on trip wires! I use trip wires to signal that an important, upcoming event that needs to go on my project list with a next step to move forward.  A special person’s birthday is an example of a calendar trip wire. Trip wires are usually all-day calendar events.
  • Time to decide! Calendar trip wires prod me to make a decision that I put off earlier. I needed time to percolate or collect more information before deciding. My decision will have big consequences for me and others. Decision prompts are usually all-day calendar events.

Amp Your Time Management Skills

Clean-up your calendar by only including date/time specific events, trip wires and decision prompts. All other items in your calendar should be moved to your note/list management system for easy storage and retrieval. Speed your time management skills and amp productivity with these powerful calendar tactics.

How do you manage your calendar? Please add your comments below!

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