Powerful Paper And Digital Productivity Aid

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Filing is one of the seemingly low value activities that can generate a huge return on your investment in time and materials. How much time do you waste looking for that important piece of digital or physical information? I’m going to show you how to do a storage cost/benefit analysis, buy my favorite file folders, and make labels to inspire your work. You’ll declutter your workspace and amp productivity.

Lean, Plain And Inspiring File System

  • What should you keep? There’s no simple answer to that question. It depends on the person, profession and available resources. Decide if the value of storing a piece of information is greater than or equal to the storage cost. For digital items, the storage cost is minimal and the storage capacity is virtually infinite for most users. But what’s the physical, emotional and spiritual cost of storing too much information of marginal value? Only you know!
  • Keep it plain! I prefer to use plain, manila folders for paper file storage. I’ve found hanging file folders to be expensive and cumbersome to work with. The extra gear required for a hanging file folder system is added cost and encumbrance that I don’t need. Plain folders are inexpensive, abundant, and take minimal effort to file a valuable piece of information.
  • Bring your own label maker (BYOLM)! I use a Brother Labeling System PT1880C P-Touch Label Maker to make easy to read labels for my manila file folders. Printed labels from a machine make file ID much quicker and generally inspire me to keep a well-organized file system. It’s just more fun to work with!

Amp Time Management Via Functional File System

Do your storage cost benefit analysis on the fly to decide what to keep and what to toss. Inspire yourself to greatness with manila folders and printed labels. You’ll reduce workspace clutter and boost your productivity!

How do you manage your paper and digital files? Please add your comments below!

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