Batch Processing 101

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To batch or not to batch, that is the question. Batch processing is the act of repeatedly doing a series of steps at one sitting to get a uniform result. An automobile assembly line is an example of batch processing. Some activities lend themselves to batch processing and some don’t. I’m going to tell you the workplace functions I’ve found that work well in batch and those that don’t.

Collect And Process Your Productivity System

  • Email I have a day plan checklist that includes a check of my email traps once in the morning and once in late afternoon. I process my email inbox from top to bottom (i.e. most recently received) in one time interval if possible. I decide what it is, what it means and what, if anything, I want to do with it. Then, I move on to the next email item.
  • Paper collection points My physical inboxes get processed in much the same way that I process my email inboxes. But, I do my paper collection points more on a space and time available basis than as a regular daily checklist item.
  • Document scanning I’ve changed my thinking on batch scanning. I can usually scan and file a  document in 1-3 minutes. That’s short enough to meet my standard for doing something right away, instead of piling it up for batch processing later. The information is immediately available for search and use as needed.
  • Bill pay and receipt process I process financial information every week. Bills that I get electronically or in the mail get filed into my Bill Pay collection points. Receipts that I collect during the week get filed in my Receipt Process collection points. I batch process these pieces of financial information into my accounting application on a weekly basis.
  • Read Sometimes I just don’t have time to read an interesting article or blog post. I collect the physical and digital pieces of information in Read collection points. They are available during the slack periods in my day to catch up on market and industry trends. I purge old reading material when I feel it’s no longer relevant or I’ve collected too much information.

Boost Time Management Skills Via Batch Processing

Batch process email and paper inboxes, financial records and reading material to amp productivity.

How do you boost productivity via batch processing? Please add your comments below!

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