Your Work And Productivity

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We go to work, work on things, work the problem and watch people at work. But, what is work? How do we define it so that we get maximum results from our input of time, talent and energy?

My Google search returned this definition of the verb form of work:

“be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a purpose or result, especially in one’s job; do work.”

How do we put work into action? Let’s break it down.

Get Engaged To Amp Productivity

  • Be engaged Work requires that we’re in motion. You have to do the thing. We need a trusted and reliable system to store our next steps so we can take appropriate action. The human brain is neither trusted nor reliable for this purpose.
  • Physical or mental activity Proven processes and procedures amp productivity. Stop reinventing the wheel for your activities. Test, adjust and repeat effective steps for maximum output. Again, these should be stored in your trusted and reliable system for easy access.
  • Achieve a purpose or result We can’t get to where we’re going if we don’t know where that is. How does the finish line look and feel? Get visceral with the desired outcome. Record the result in your trusted and reliable system. Share it with team members.

It’s Your Job To Drive Productivity

What’s the physical or mental activity you’ve been tasked to be engaged with to achieve a purpose or result? That’s the seat you occupy. It’s your job.

How do you get the highest and best results from work? Please add your comments below!

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