Checking Stuff As Done Powers Productivity

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I created a Day Plan checklist that guides me through daily recurring and special tasks. I’ll show you the essential elements in my Day Plan and how it aids my productivity.

Getting Essential and Special To Dos Done

  • Must dos I have tasks that must get done every day. I include my workout, breakfast, lunch, check messages and feed my dogs in this category. My Pug, rescue Chihuahua, and Australian Shepherd wouldn’t be happy if they went hungry! I don’t have to remember if I fed them on any given day because my checklist reveals if it has been done. That frees my brain space for higher level thinking and reduces uncertainty. I also have checklist items to open essential files and browser Windows that preposition my workspace in the morning to amp my productivity.
  • Special to-dos I’m into biohacking so currently I have a 60-day coconut oil teeth pulling trial in my Day Plan checklist. This item reminds me to get a teaspoon of organic, virgin coconut oil every morning and swish it around my teeth and gums for 30 minutes. It’s supposed to have great health benefits because oral health is tied to other organ health including heart and liver. Other special items include covering my wife’s to-dos when she’s traveling, Jiu Jitsu visualization training, meditation, filling the holes in my heart (R Hanson, Hardwiring Happiness) and bible study.
  • Mission Possible I get amped feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction from checking off completed tasks. Must do or special to do, it doesn’t matter. The power of completion is very strong indeed.

Aid Productivity And Time Management

My Day Plan checklist is available on my desktop and mobile devices through my personal productivity app. Get your essential and special tasks done with a feeling of amped productivity when you check them off your Day Plan checklist.

How do you keep track of recurring essential and special tasks? Please add your comments below!

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