Decide And Take Steps To Succeed

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I make a commitment to set aside time every Friday afternoon to make ready for the week ahead. In this post I’ll show you how to make and keep that commitment with yourself, deal with the stuff that’s landed in your workspace and load your calendar and to-do lists to amp productivity in the upcoming week.

Get Still To Load Your Week

  • Quiet the noise Make a commitment for time and space to make ready for the week ahead. Schedule a recurring, weekly appointment to sweep your digital, physical, emotional and mental workspaces. Yes, put it in your calendar as a hard, date and time specific meeting with yourself. Find a quiet location, an empty conference room, close your office door, find an outdoor patio at a local resort with your favorite adult beverage. Go wherever you can do quality thinking, uninterrupted by the usual suspects.
  • Deal with your stuff Collect the debris and fallout from the past week. Push your notes, receipts, email, physical objects and other reminders about the things that happened, or didn’t happen, as a result of your actions, to your collection points.
  • Load your week Process your stuff into sorted, next steps, general information, trash and calendar events. Decide what to defer, delegate and delete. You’ll have a clear, actionable roadmap for the upcoming week.

Quiet Time Amps Productivity

Get away to collect and process the new stuff that’s flooded your office, inboxes and calendar. You’ll make ready for a clear-minded week ahead with amped productivity.

How do you make ready for the week ahead? Please add your comments below!

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