Less Drag On Life’s Trajectory

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I see my future with less complexity in it, and I like it. The world screams into the wind of my buying and decision filters. Some of it gets through. Most doesn’t. Now, I’m on a quest to cut out even more of the low-value stuff that weighs down the trajectory of my life. Why am I on this quest to reduce complexity?

Boost Financial, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health

  • Amp spending power I, like most of you, have a finite pile of “Benjamins.” I want to stop spending money on stuff that adds little to no value. I’ve been selling stuff I don’t need and get an incredible lightness of being as unused stuff finds a new home. Lower complexity in life equals less spending.
  • Ease stress Fewer things to maintain, fix, replace, insure, store and worry about eases the mental load. I have less complexity, therefore, I have less stress.
  • Lighter wagon Less complexity means I have less stuff to pull in my “wagon” around the block of life. I recently sold our second car. Now we have one car that requires extra calendar coordination for my wife and me. It was unnerving at first. We’ve owned two cars for most of our 30 year marriage. But we’re making it work and slowly realizing we don’t miss the second car, yet. My auto maintenance, insurance, gas, and risk cost, time and energy have been cut by more than half. Less stuff complexity equals a lighter wagon to pull.
  • More mindful I am more present when I have less complexity. I have more financial freedom, less stress, more energy, and more time to practice meditation and Qi Gong. I can spend more time breathing in calm, exhaling a smile, enjoying the present moment and all of its wonder.

The Less Complex Journey Starts Here

I’m on a quest to reduce complexity and power my spending, health, time, energy and awareness. How about you? Care to join me on this journey?

How do you cut complexity in your life? Please add your comments below!

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