Productivity Via Smart Choices

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I’ve spent the last several years refining my trusted and reliable system to hold my to-dos, open loops and next steps. But, the best system in the world is no good unless it’s used to get stuff done. How do I decide what to do next? I’m going to show you how to see the best next-step to take, get in gear and regroup after taking action.

Scan, Move And Regroup To Drive Productivity

  • Scan the horizon! All of my next steps are tagged by the state I need to be in to get them done. These groupings give me a super-fast way to scan the horizon of possible actions I can take. I know, intuitively, that I can only move on tasks for which I have the time, tools and energy. Sorting my tasks eliminates the need to think about the doing of the thing again. The deciding has already been done.
  • Put it in gear! All the work I’ve done positioning my next steps pays dividends when I choose a sorted next step to move toward a predefined finish line. No extra thinking required. Just do it.
  • Regroup after action! Eisenhower said, and I paraphrase, “Planning before battle is everything. Planning after the battle starts means nothing at all.” Unexpected stuff will happen as you take action throughout the day. Many things will go exactly as planned. Either way, spend some time each day to regroup, gather the after-action facts, update your project notes and next steps, resupply as needed and join the fight again!

Amp Your Time Management Choices

Scan the horizon for possible next steps, get moving on something that’ll add great value and regroup after the dust settles from taking action throughout the day. You’ll amp productivity, boost work performance and develop amazing time management skills.

How do you decide what to do next? Please add your comments below!

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