People are talking about Mike¬†Shelton…

Being a client of Michael Shelton and his productivity training program has been a game changer. I have been able to seamlessly implement his productivity system into my life. This was mainly due to the structured way in which the system was presented and his ability convey his knowledge and expertise quickly and efficiently. It was a very enjoyable experience and my family and colleagues are reaping the benefits of a productive and far less stressed Brandon. I recommend Michael and Shelton Business Services to ambitious individuals who strive for a sustainable balance between work and play. Brandon McCarty, Chief Operating Officer

His knowledge and ability to coach through creating, implementing and completing a project are amazing. Mike’s philosophy of staying highly organized to avoid stress in your work and personal life is the foundation of his system and his ability to teach that at different levels is what makes him a unique consultant. Brett Burke, real estate agent

Excellent and punctual service. Very professional. Assisted with the implementation of our new fixed asset system, did a great job transitioning. Kristi Ponczak, chief financial officer

Michael has a way to show you how to use Evernote to be a valuable tool in your everyday life. Jay Sorensen, plumbing company owner

He inspires others to be better, and leads by example. His integrity is unquestionable. Highly reliable, insightful, and pure joy to work with (and for). Michael Hamilton, attorney

His detailed orientation and business savvy surpass so many others that I have worked with in the past. I would love the opportunity to work with him again. Sara Grube Cerny, human resources manager

He provided guidance, a high integrity and level headed approach to doing business. I look forward to working with Mike on future transactions. Scott Sparks, senior sales manager

While many people in business are quick to point out a problem, Mike has an uncanny ability to go a step further and develop a solution. Stephen Herman, vice president, asset management

Mike has a great sense of urgency, a strong loyalty and an attention to detail second to none. He brings a great talent for working with a team and a high level of integrity. We will use Mike again when the need arises. David Scholl, real estate development company owner

He is skilled at promoting personal growth and professional development to be more effective at what you do and get the results you are aiming for. His productivity model is extremely efficient and elegant in its simplicity. Deanna Wharwood, marketing strategist and author